Frontières Sans Frontières

The Bushwick Starr, 2017

“’Frontières Sans Frontières,’ a brightly colored comic fantasia on cultural imperialism”

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“The 10 Best Theatrical Productions of 2017”

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New York Stage & Film, 2014
Naked Angels, 2015
White Heron, 2017

“Romance, Ghosts, and Sea Shanties”

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“Tony Vo as Caldi is a vital asset as well to this production, his enthusiastic performance offering emotional respite from the heavier storyline.”

Yesterday’s IslandRebecca NimerfrohFull Article

“Caldi (Tony Vo)…weaves a riveting tale of swashbuckling”

Manhattan DigestRyan LeedsFull Article

“a rare experience, an inspired union of story, music, and acting, all performed at the highest level”

the Inquirer and Mirror

“The songs [are]…marvelous…the musicianship impressive and the performances energetic…”

The New York TimesAlexis SoloskiFull Article

“…charming…enchanting…impressive…SeaWife creates a lovely balance of music and stagecraft that provides a most unique spectacle.”

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These Seven Sicknesses

The Flea Theater, 2012

“These and dozens of other bushy-tailed performers have created a show that feels above all else entertaining and fresh.”

New York Times *Critics Pick*Catherine RampellFull Article

“the sheer physicality of the performances rivets attention”

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The Little Prince

Colorado Shakespeare Festival, 2011

“Watching the Prince tame the easily startled Fox [Tony Vo] is one of the best scenes in the production.”

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a cautionary tail

The Flea Theater, 2013

“the lively and convincing Tony Vo [as Luke]”

Curtain UpJordan TeicherFull Article

“Tony Vo was strong as Luke, bringing heart to the determined young brother.”

Michael BlockTheater in the NowFull Article